How to Tie a Wrap

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Our silk satin wraps are uniquely designed, hand sewn and dyed in the U.S. using silk from China. They make bright and colorful afternoon or evening wedding wear, are great for traveling, or as a beach sarong coverup.  Also known as ruanas, shawls, or pareos, they can be hand washed and laid flat or dried on low heat.
Not just a rectangle, our wraps are U shaped with a cutout for the neck.  Here are a few ways they can be tied:

silk satin shawl wrap ruana pareo blue silk satin elegant evening shawl wrap how to tie silk wrap shawl ruana pareo sarong ways to wear silk wrap shawl ruana pareo sarong

Hanging Loose

Front corner tied to
rear corner on each side.

Front corners tied together
behind the waist

Front corners tied together over the shoulder

navy blue evening wedding wear wrap shawl
purple silk satin ladies fashion shawls
elegant evening attire silk satin ruana wrap
green pareo sarong coverup wrap skirt

Front corners crossed over and tied behind the back

The same with the
lapel folded down

Rear corners brought around and tied in front

Tied around the waist

hand dyed wearable art silk satin shawls
afternoon, evening wedding guest attire
blue hand painted silk satin ruana pareo wrap shawl
blue hand dyed wearable art silk satin wrap shawl

Front corners tied loosely
in an overhand knot

The same tied a bit lower

Held together with a scrunchie

Held higher with a scrunchie

purple silk wearable art shoulder coverup wrap
green silk satin wrap dress sarong pareo
artistic purple silk satin sarong pareo wrap dress

You may print this page
for handy reference.

If you buy a wrap from us we will mail you a printed page.

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One corner thrown over
the shoulder

Wrapped around the waist,
crossed over the front,
and tied behind the neck.

The same with the lapel turned down