About Us

Silk artist Warren Hartz and his family in the mountains

Silk from the Hartz is a family business in the beautiful town of Index, Washington, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.  Warren Hartz, the artist, hand dyes silk to create unique pieces of decorative and wearable art.  Silk is hand painted with dyes, not paints, as paint sits on the surface, stiffening the fabric, while dyes become part of the fabric, leaving it soft and silky with a sheen that sparkles in the light.

Warren started taking art classes at the age of five and has been an artist all his life, working with wood, paint, candles, photography and music.  In 2000, he began dying silk while teaching art to youth in Skykomish.

He is partially red/green colorblind, so he often consults his wife and daughter on colors.  Being mathematically minded, he mixes dye colors with formulas he's developed, using over 20 colors in some items.  Blending art and science, he individually hand dyes each piece so that you are wearing a unique work of art.
Silk artist Warren Hartz in his studio with a silk scarf stretched on a frame.
Warren has experimented with various resists, dyes, and techniques to create original designs on silk.  Silk is stretched on a frame and resists and dyes are applied to silk with sponges, brushes and fine line applicators or splattered on with a toothbrush.  Wet dyes are sometimes sprinkled with salts, creating a pattern as the dyes dry.  It's sometimes uncertain how the design will turn out until he has steamed and rinsed the fabric.  This sets the dyes and brings out the vibrant colors and wonderful softness of the silk.

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To see, feel, and try on our full range of silk products, come visit our booth at one of the many craft fairs we attend throughout the Puget Sound area May through December.