Unique hand painted silk wearable art
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    Product Name   Model+   Price 
 Glacier Peak Silk Mountain Painting   Glacier Peak Silk Mountain Painting   15" by 23" - sold  $225.00 
 Silk Mountain Painting   Silk Mountain Painting   9" x 12" wall art - sold  $75.00 
 Silk Music Scarves 11x60"   Silk Music Scarves 11x60"   Blue or Brown  $75.00 
 Peacock Jewel Tone Wrap   Peacock Jewel Tone Wrap   blue, green & purple  $95.00 
 Abstract Art Ties   Abstract Art Ties   Blues, greens, purples  $75.00 
 Striped Infinity Loop Scarves   Striped Infinity Loop Scarves   brown, peacock, rainbow  $85.00 
 Leaf Print Silk Scarf 11x60"   Leaf Print Silk Scarf 11x60"   Browns or teal greens  $75.00 
 Designer Stripe Silk Ties   Designer Stripe Silk Ties   currently in Blue  $75.00 
 Creative Blue, Purple Stripe   Creative Blue, Purple Stripe   currently in deep purple  $75.00 
 Extra Long Camo Leaf Ties   Extra Long Camo Leaf Ties   currently sold out  $75.00 
 Brown Natural Stone Tie   Brown Natural Stone Tie   each one is unique  $75.00 
 Navy Blue Wrap   Navy Blue Wrap   hand dyed silk satin  $95.00 
 Blue Silk Wrap   Blue Silk Wrap   ladies evening shawls  $95.00 
 Leaf Print Silk Tank Tops   Leaf Print Silk Tank Tops   luxurious wearable art  $85.00 
 Brown Designer Stripe Ties   Brown Designer Stripe Ties   multicolored  $75.00 
 Abstract Art Silk Scarf 11x60"   Abstract Art Silk Scarf 11x60"   Multicolored browns  $75.00 
 Leaf Eternity Loop Scarves   Leaf Eternity Loop Scarves   multicolored earth tones  $85.00 
 Silk Autumn Leaf Scarf 11x60"   Silk Autumn Leaf Scarf 11x60"   Natural earth tones  $75.00 
 Mountain Painting Silk Ties   Mountain Painting Silk Ties   Presently sold out  $85.00 
 Sunset Tie   Sunset Tie   presently sold out  $75.00 
 Mica Mountain custom silk painting   Mica Mountain custom silk painting   private collection - sold  $150.00 
 Designer Stripe Scarf 11x60"   Designer Stripe Scarf 11x60"   professional woman gift  $75.00 
 Purple Silk Wrap   Purple Silk Wrap   satin womens pareo  $95.00 
 Green Wrap   Green Wrap   silk satin shawl  $95.00 
 Balloons in the Sunset   Balloons in the Sunset   silk wall hanging - sold  $95.00 
 Botanical Leaf Print Ties   Botanical Leaf Print Ties   Sold out  $75.00 
 Brown Abstract Art Ties   Brown Abstract Art Ties   Sold out for now  $75.00 
 Brown Creative Stripe Ties   Brown Creative Stripe Ties   Sold out for now  $75.00 
 Hot Rod Flame Necktie   Hot Rod Flame Necktie   sold out for now  $75.00 
 Music Ties   Music Ties   Sold out for now  $75.00 
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